Giza :- a few kilometres from Cairo
Nearly 4600 years ago,Giza became the royal burial ground (necropolis) for Memphis.
★Giza pyramids :-In less than 100 years ,the ancient Egyptians built the three pyramid complexes to serve as the tombs for their dead kings ( Cheops_ Chefren_ Mycerinus )
After the king's death,his body was brought by boat to the valley temple for Mumification before being taken up the the causeway and buried under,and in some cases within, the pyramid.
The mortuary temples were maintained for many years afterwards with priests making daily offerings to the dead god-king.
The king's close family and the royal court were buried in satellite pyramids and stone tombs called (mastaba) nearby, seeking to share the king's power in death,as they had in life.
★Sphinx :- Sphinx is the colossal representation of  a lion with a human face, which has been identified as that of Chefren.
★The Solar boat :- it was found next to the pyramid of Cheops has been reconstructed,46 metres long ,made out of cedar,sycamore and jujube wood and may have been the boat which accompanied the body of the pharaoh on this last journey, (its extra ticket).