★ Saqqara:- is one of the richest archaeological sites in Egypt,
It developed as the royal necropolis for the old kingdom capital of Memphis,just to the west.
As Memphis grew, so did this city of the dead until it covered an area of 7 km north to south, and about 2000 tombs.
The step pyramid of Zoser is the oldest pyramid in Egypt, it was built by the architect Imhotep, who was also High priest and such a renowned physician that two thousand years later the Greeks deified him under the name of Aesculapius.
Saqqara has thousands of very beautiful tombs like Meriruka's it has some magnificent wall paintings,including a marsh scene with Meriruka hunting among birds,fish and hippos,and in another chamber a scene of carpenters during their work, fishermen,farmers and butchers as well,the main chamber contain a life-size statue of Meriruka.