★ Karnak temples:-
After the pyramids of Giza,Karnak is Egypt's most important pharaonic site. dedicated to the sacred triade of thebes
♥Amun,the king of the gods
♥Mut,his wife
♥Khonso,his son
From its modest 11th-Dynasty beginning, pharaoh after pharaoh added to and changed the existing buildings, seeking to make their mark on the country's most important temple. 
The 100-acre site comprises a fantastic array of temples, chaples, pylons and obeliskes, all testifying to the importance of Thebes.
No expense was spared and during the 19th مصر Dynasty some 80,000 men worked in the temple  as labourers,guards,priests and servants.

The temple lay buried under sand for more than 1,000 years before excavation work began in mid-19th century.