★ Luxor Temple:-
Dominating the banks of the Nile in the centre of town, luxor temple is an elegant example of pharaonic temple architecture.
Dedicated to the theban triad of Amun,Mut and Khonsu, the temple largely completed by the 18th Dynasty pharaoh Amenhotep III and added to during the reign of Ramses II in the 19th Dynasty.
The temple is approached by an avenue of sphinxes, which once stretched all the way from luxor to karnak, almost 3 km away.
Fronting the entrance to the temple, the gigantic first pylon is decorated with scenes of Ramses II's victory over the Hittites in the battle of Qadesh. Two seated colossi of Ramses and a huge 25-m high pink granite obelisk flank the gateway to the temple.